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Yung6ix Exposed, Seen Performing For "Aye" Confraternity

Yung6ix Exposed, Seen Performing For "Aye" Confraternity

Nigeria Rapper, Yung6ix has denied being a member of "Aye" (Axe Men) confraternity after a video of him performing for the Cult group was posted online.
Recall yung6ix once denied this same accusation sometimes in 2017, where he was seen doing the Axe men handshake in one of his videos.
Yung6ix denied it, claiming it was a label handshake.
Another video of him has been spotted online, where he was performing for the Cult group in event which look like a get together party.
Reactions have been poring in and fans across the country have shown their displeased to the latest developments.
Yung6ix who wasted no time in defending himself said, is it crime to perform for your fans, I can even perform in Pakistan if the money is good. 
He further more explained that, even in Pakistan  he can perform so far the money is good and its good chance to connect with his fans.
Yung6ix in his words, He said;
“Person nor fit perform for him fans again ? Lol if them book me for Pakistan and the money is good I’ll damn sure perform between the war. Money over opinions. Will never turn down an opportunity to connect with my true fans. If you know you know.”

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