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What Dose The Bible Teaches About Forgiveness

What Dose The Bible Teaches About Forgiveness

What Dose The Bible Teaches About
Good morning And welcome to another great Sunday, Last week we started the topic, What Dose The Bible Teaches About Forgiveness.
Well today we will be continuing on that topic.
The Bible teaches many things about forgiveness and most especially why we should forgive.
Today we will be taking one of the reasons why we find it hard to forgive.
Note: An unforgiving mind is not different from the mind of a killer in the sight of the lord, as no sin is greater than the other.
One of the biggest reason people find it hard to forgive is Grudges.
As a Christian keeping grudges is a big sin, spiritually, not to God alone but to your self.
It hinders you from receiving from God, helping your fellow man, some people because they keep grudges with the father, they will not help. You forget the son might be of bigger help to your own son in the near future.
The Bible said, Never Let The Sun Go Down On Your hanger.
This days people are not practicing this, the sun will go down and people will still be angry at each other, they will never forgive their self even for years to come.
After Jesus was nailed on the cross, he prayed for those that killed him, he said;
Father Please Forgive them, For they know not what they are doing. 
Jesus showed us how big forgiveness is, even at the point of his death, Jesus made time out to pray for his killers, do you know that, Jesus might have not completed his work if he had not prayed for forgiveness for those will killed him, his work on earth might have been a waste if he had not prayed for that forgiveness.
If Jesus at the point of his death can forgive, how much more we, why cant we forgive ourselves, why keep Grudges against ourselves.
You can keep grudges in your heart and expect God to answer your prayers, an unforgiving mind is dirty as a toilet and our lord is a neat and just God, we all know God loves a clean heart.
Remember our lord prayer that says; Forgive us as we forgive those who offends us, what Dose this mean, it means God Can't forgive an unforgiven mind.
Learn how to forgive, don't let the death of our lord Jesus be in vain, Jesus teaches about forgiveness.
Learn how to forgive, we will continue next week sunday.
Learn how to forgive,don't keep grudges against anyone. 

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