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What Dose The Bible Teaches about forgiveness.

What Dose The Bible Teaches about forgiveness.

Sunday Rush
Sunday Rush
First, forgiveness is the act of forgetting something bad some one actually did to you.
From your inner peace, have you noticed this joy that comes over your spirit when you really forgives, that inner freedom, joy.
Jesus said, if somebody slaps your right chick, turn the left, he also said, make sure the sun don't go down on your anger.
Have you forgiven that person that offends you or you are still have this grudges towards each other.
Atmies we wonder while we pray and it seems prayers are not answered, you don't go God with heart full of hate for some one and you expect God to look through a heart so dirty like, forgiveness can open many ways. it can lead to answers to prayers.

When Jesus was about to be arrested, Peter took out his knife and cut off one the soldiers ear, Jesus rebuked him and immediately, miraculously the ear was fixed, can you see,even at the point of death Jesus still forgives.
Even on the cross, Jesus prayed for his killers on the cross before giving up.
Have you forgiven someone today.
Happy Sunday Fams

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