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Lacazette Free Kick Sends Arsenal To Europa League Semi's (3:0 On Aggregate)

Lacazette Free Kick Sends Arsenal To Europa League Semi's (3:0 On Aggregate)

Napoli Vs Arsenal
Napoli Vs Arsenal 
Lacazette brilliance gave arsenal the edge at Italy before the end of First half.
Lacazette brilliant free kick gave arsenal the desarve victory over Napoli in Italy, make it a good quarter final run for Arsenal.
Though most of the possessions were done by Napoli who are trying to over turn a 2goal win by arsenal at the emirates stadium last week when they first meet in the first leg.
Napoli also have some Clear chances which they failed to convert, taking most of the possessions, they had some good runs and insgie got some clear chances but failed to convert them.
Arsenal had some good defence last night, Arsenal captain Koscielny made some impressive blocking.
Arsenal got a super chance when mhkitaryan send a low cross pass to Augbamiyang who later hit it at Napoli goal keeper.
Lacazette Goal
Arsenal are now through to the Semi's and will be facing Spanish outfit Valencia by next month.
Arsenal are now closer to winning a major European trophy if they scale through Valencia in semi finals.
Three Players Who Stared For Arsenal Last Night
  1. Lurient Koscielny 
  2. Alexander Lacazette 
  3. Lucas Torierra
Those three players were phenomenal for Arsenal last night. 
This is not the first time Arsenal will be over hauling an Italian team it's a continuity of their brilliance against any Italian side.
Arsenal coach Unai Emry said; we are glad we are in the semi's and we hope to continue getting Betts r day by day, this is massive for us, we will continue building on this. 

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