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UBA Savings Account Registration: How to Open UBA Savings Account.

UBA Savings Account Registration: How to Open UBA Savings Account.

UBA Savings Account Registration… United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the most reputable banks in Nigeria having a customer friendly
interface as well as its advanced and modernized technological approach to making banking in Nigeria easy and fun. To register or open a savings account is quite simple, the requirements are listed below.

1. Completed account opening forms
2. Valid means of identification: National ID, International Passport, Recent Voters card, Drivers license
3. Utility bills not exceeding 3 months
4. 1 passport photograph
5. 2 current account references (if cheque and dividend warrants are to be lodged into the account.

Once you have the aforementioned requirement, you are free to explore the bank and get to enjoy the goodies it offers.


1. Access to internet and mobile banking
2. Access to debit card (for ATM and POS transactions)
3. Free network transaction
4. Attractive interest rate


1. These can be done online by login into the UBA official website
2. From the menu, click open account
3. Choose account category – savings
4. Fill all other necessary details

You can also open account by walking to the nearest UBA bank branches nearest to you.

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